Coronavirus apparently only affects human health. The virus in fact also made an impact on the sluggishness of the world's capital markets, which made the world economy shaken.

Even so, there is the issue that the coronavirus is also making a positive shot, specifically for competitive brokerage firms. The reason is, momentum can be used by buyers to take money or take profits with the potential increase in gold prices.

"This is neither beneficial nor detrimental to Best Profit Future (BPF), we are only transaction services or facilitators. Our profit is only from transaction fees, but for potential customers or customers can take advantage of this opportunity or momentum to take advantage in gold, "explained the Head of Malang BPF Branch, Andri (2/14/2020).

He continued, the existence of this coronavirus, indeed had a global impact and many of them made market participants move to look for save havens such as gold, for fear that their current markets would be sluggish.

"So this is a good opportunity. Until the end of January, the increase in the value of gold investment or gold investment futures reached 48 percent. 2020 gold will be excellent. In the future, it can rise again between 60 to 70 percent, "he explained.

"Loco gold is hot. So actually people who want to invest have already left, start switching to gold, "he added.

It also predicts, if the Gold investment market, which is currently rising, will continue to rise and be closed until May 2020. It is predicted that the capital market will rise again after the coronavirus outbreak is over.

"Coronavirus is not resistant to heat. It means that there will be lots of Loco gold until May, after that the capital market will be busy again, "he concluded.

While for BPF itself noted, in 2019 the total growth of new customers reached 207 customers.

This is an increase of 46.81 percent from the previous year. While the total transaction volume reached 11.06 percent, or become 59,427 lots compared to 2018.

This acquisition was supported by bilateral transaction volumes of 48,879 lots, an increase of 13.69 percent. For multilateral transaction volume of 10,548 lots or experienced a growth of 0.32 percent.

Source: Indonesiaonline