Gold Futures Contract Specifications 1 kg (GOL)


Code Contracts


Basic Contract

1 kg of gold with 99.9 finest quality LBMA

Contract Unit

1 kg (1000 gram)

Contract Period

3 (three) months in a row, so every trading day, there are 3 (three) Months Contract

Day & Hours Trading

Every day trade

At 09:30 to 17:30 pm WIB


Post-Closing session held every trading day starting at 17:45 am until 18:00 pm.

The mandate of the buy and sell JAFeTS is inserted into the Settlement Price of the day.

Physical exchange with Futures

The parties to a transaction sell / buy gold outside the stock exchange can register to Stock in exchange for futures transaction for both parties.

Last Trading Day

Trade for a contract month, ending at the end of the Post Closing session on the third trading day prior to the last business day of the month. If the third trading day prior to the last business day is not a trading day, then the previous trading day be the last trading day.


Rupiah per gram (including VAT)

Minimum price change

Rp 50,-/gram (including VAT)

Rp 50.000,-/lot (including VAT)

Limit Price Change

Rp. 5000, - per gram above or below the previous trading day settlement price. Limit these price changes do not apply to the Current Month and Month What if the Moon Walk is no longer traded.

Notification Delivery Time

Parties that have a short position on the Moon Walk, can do Notice Delivery within 3 (three) last trading day of the Moon Walk.

Notification Time Allocation

Immediately after the session Post-Closing and filing Submission

Time to Deliver

No later than two (2) trading days after the Notice Delivery


Gold with a minimum purity of 99.99% quality comes with a serial number and a stamp of the refinery which is recognized by the LBMA (can be from inside and outside the country)

Delivery place

The Warehouse Registered in Jakarta and Surabaya, place of delivery options currently on the seller

Delivery Unit

1 kg

Position Obligation Report

150 lot

Speculative Position limit

500 lot