Substitution prices at Online Trading system refers to the price Winquote moving, the last price (last trade) added 10 points for the purchase and sale minus 10 points for ( a spread of 20 points ).

" Price has change " in the price-making can happen to any Customer or the Customer Authorization transactions in online trading or manual trading, due to the continuous movement of price refers to the price action in Winquote.

Prices are executed at a price different from that occurring ( Done )
In transact using online trading or manual trading ( e - quote ) we also often encounter execution price that we are different. And the incident occurred because exceptional prices appear to move continuously refers to Winquote ( Uptodate ).

Constraints that often occur when using online trading transactions caused by several factors, both from the hardware and software we use or users who do not understand the mechanism of online trading. In some of these factors we have encountered more of the software side of the intangible factors such as the internet provider and the user. At the moment we would transact a user should first understand the mechanism of trading online transactions and conduct simulation using simulation before a user account transactions in " real account " with internet facility used to have access to a fast and stable.

At the time of his execution price of the old Loading
Incidents like this are often encountered when using online trading transactions, which at the time we execute a position to buy / sell, acquisition costs ( loading ) and positioning in a very long etrade invariable. Such an event is caused by factor price changes drastically or unstable prices ( market hectic ), internet connection or loss of data sent to the online trading service, so the data is not up to the online trading service. If the customer or the customer's power experienced during the hectic market, you should refresh the online trading, or called to the section dealing for checking from the side of software or inferred from the explanation kerasnya. Dapat experienced something like this when there are two reasons, namely : Market being hectic, so when entering transactions using the " Market Order " will have difficulty, therefore it is advisable for customers to use the 2 facilities available in the online trading that is by using the " LIMIT ORDER " and " STOP ORDER ". Purely because of internet connection loss and unstable so that the execution time of the data is not sent to the online trading service.


1 . Insufficient Margin
In online trading will be shown a warning " Insufficient Margin " Effective margin account if you do not meet the lot size transactions taken. Insufficient margin would also occur if at the time of taking a position with the number of lots more where at the same time you are installing or Stop Limit Order so Effective Margin will be unused for a while according to the number of lots that are installed in the Limit or Stop Order, the fund will be returned to effective Margin Limit or Stop installation if the order is canceled ( Cancel ) before booking / order price buy / sell those stationed executed ( Done ).

2 . Too Close Price / Price too Far
" Price or Price too Close to Far " occurs when using limit or stop orders, which are at the limit price is too close or too far from the provisions of the Transaction Mechanism of Online Trading.
Consider the mechanism of price-making transactions by using the limit or stop orders. If you are in a transaction using the facility and making a price below the price of a screen 10 pts from 500 pts etrade or above the price of the screen then out the warning " too close price / price too far ".

3 . Validation error
" Validation Error " terjadiadanya user error when the transaction using a Market Order or Limit Order and Stop Order, in which the incident due to lack of filling in the columns available or a position exceeds the transaction limit lots ( over 20 lots )

4 . Invalid Stop Order
Warning "Invalid Stop Order " occurs when you use a Limit Order to taking a new position, the position where the decision is not in accordance with the transaction mechanism ( Decision for the opposite of transaction mechanisms limit order ). For example, when taking a position using New diharga Sell Limit Order 20490, while the Screen etrade Sell price 20593 price, and the price when we take forth the message " Invalid Stop Order " because you take the price mechanism as opposed to the Limit Order. So you can take the price is the price at Screen etrade Sell ( 20593 + 10 pts to 500 pts ) and instead price etrade Sell on Screen ( 20593-10 pts to 500 pts ).