Profesional Brokers

The Company has IBs professionals who are always ready to provide services to prospective customers / clients, such as education, administration procedures and the mechanism of transactions in the Alternative Trading System Jakarta Futures Exchange.

Online Trading & Demo Account Facilities

This facility will provide convenience for every customer in the transaction are available over the internet. We also provide a Demo Account or transaction simulation so that prospective customers can better understand and master the functions of transaction you simply contact our customer care.

Transaction Reporting Every Day

Every day customers will receive the Customer Transaction Report which contains records of transactions and development investments made by customers, either via e-mail, fax, or by mail / post. Notes or record the transaction can also be accessed directly through online trading platform by selecting the main menu Temporary Statement / Daily Statement.


Withdrawal of funds can be made at any time by the customer if the customer wishes. PT.Bestprofit Futures strive for withdrawals can be processed in one working day (T + 1).

Segregated Account

All Segregated fund investors are placed on an existing brokerage account at the Depository Bank approved by Bappebti, Bank BCA, Bank CIMB Niaga and Bank BNI and separate the company's assets. The funds are only used for the purposes of the relevant customer transactions such as transfer of funds to the Segregated Account KBI as a margin on the customer's open position.

Transaction Flexibility

Transaction two-way allows for investors to profit when the market moves up or down. Moreover, this product is very high liquidity, allowing taking optimal advantage.

Means of Dispute Resolution

Means of settlement used in the event of a dispute in futures trading activity:

  1. The Council for Consensus, is a form of settlement that is based on a sense of kinship,
  2. Arbitration Commodity Futures Trading (BAKTI), or
  3. The South Jakarta District Court

Sitna Program

In order to provide transparency of transactions we Sitna program to each client to provide additional information on the transactions taking place on behalf of customers registered or not.