Market Order
Is taking the position of sale / purchase to be immediately implemented / executed instantly on the best price that could be obtained at that time. This order is used to open a new position or to liquidate an existing position.

limit Order
Is taking orders with a limit price of maximum / minimum specified, where limit orders can be used to open a new position ( open position ) and liquidate an existing position ( position liquidation )

Stop Order
Stop Order ( also called a stop loss order ) is an order used when the price is above or below the limits specified price ( the stop price ). When the specified stop price is reached, the stop order becomes a market order is changed ( no longer limit). This order is used to limit losses / reduce risk or to protect the gains on open positions.

With the stop order, users / customers do not always have to actively monitor the price movement as a stop order is automatically activated in accordance with the desired price limit users / customers. In situations of very rapid price fluctuations, the stop order is executed ( becomes a market order ) the possibility of placement may be different from the stop price.

Stop Order consists of :

Sell ​​Stop Order
instruction is selling at the best price, if the price is below the stop price. This Order has always been under -going market price. For example, a customer want to buy the product to maintain its position in the stock index level of 25,050 but worry when it falls then he can place sell stop order at a certain level as he wishes eg at 25.010. When the stock index fell exceed 25.010, the sell stop order is executed ( becomes a market order ). Thus, customers can limit losses or protect its top position.

Buy Stop Order
instruction buy at the best price is also used to limit the loss on the existing short positions when the price is above the stop price of the short position.

Stop Limit Order
is a combination of a stop order and a limit order. When the stop price is reached, the stop limit order turns into a limit order to buy / sell at the rate of no more / less than the specified limit price alone. Stop limit orders are used as an effective method to start or open a new position ( sell or buy ). However, because of the way it's not good enough protective equipment should only be used especially when the market is quiet or less active.

One Cancel the Others ( OCO )
Placing an order at a limit price of two. If the limit price can first be implemented / executed the second limit price will be automatically canceled.

Good Till Cancel ( GTC )
Is a grace period until the entry into force of the limit order the next day if the limit order is not executed ( pending ), and limit orders can be canceled ( cancel ).