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PT Best Profit Futures (BPF) Banjarmasin branch took action to share the field workers who were affected by COVID-19, namely online motorcycle taxi drivers, pedicab drivers, and cleaners, and scavengers.

Held on Saturday, April 18, 2020, with the theme #Bestbanjarpeduli and #Bestprofitbagiagi, BPF Banjarmasin distributed 100 food packages at eight locations, namely on Jl A. Yani, Kayu Tangi, Aluh-Aluh, Sungai Tabuk, Handil Bakti, Jl. Soetoyo, Belitung, Translucent Mantuil.

The COVID-19 outbreak that entered Indonesia since the beginning of March 2020 has made economic conditions in various regions slow down including in Banjarmasin. Many employees start work from home, schools are closed and stores are closed.

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"As a result, many economic sectors faded and those who relied on income from the sector and daily trading activities also experienced a decline," explained Adriyanto Papuke, Banjarmasin BPF Branch Manager.

Departing from this, BPF Banjarmasin mobilized all employees including brokers to share with those who became Heroes of Fortune.

Through the action BPF Banjarmasin Sharing Fortune, management and all employees started a small step by giving a surprise in the form of ordering food through an online transportation application aimed at online motorcycle taxi drivers.

In addition, a number of employees along with BPF Banjarmasin management also took to the streets, handing out 100 rice packets to casual daily workers from various professions.

"We will continue to encourage 300 employees and brokers to take this sharing action until the condition of Banjarmasin recovers from COVID-19," said Adriyanto.

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From the business side, the existence of this plague is quite influential on the company's operations. Among other things, the BPF Banjarmasin brokerage team cannot conduct customer visits outside the city.

However, profit opportunities for customers at this time actually experienced an increase. Customers can take advantage of periods of staying at home by making more transactions.

"For a range of points which is usually only 10-20 points, now it is 30-50 points. This is beneficial for the customer. Not surprisingly, throughout March 2020, the total BPF Banjarmasin transaction volume grew 43.19% to 21,556 lots, "said Adriyanto.