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The plague from the covid-19n disease seized the attention of market players not only in Indonesia but also throughout the world, especially in gold contracts, which attracted the market players to be very active in making transactions to cause gold prices to rise at the highest level.

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In a situation that is again unstable this should be wise enough because at any time gold could rise very quickly, do not rule out the possibility of covid-19 outbreaks like this for fatherly can hold prices up to the 1900s.

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For oil commodities to be a drastic decline based on related data, Malaysia could risk losing 500 thousand tons of plants due to 14 days of extension of this lockdown, could cause a corrected oil price for market players to see the exact timing prices for making purchases.

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For coffee even in this co-19 situation the demand from various countries also occurs an emphasis downward swing that has not been able to stabilize the price. For processed coffee and sold diretil also affect the price of coffee now because the demand for retail would also be reduced.

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Suggestions for investors to be wiser and more cautious when dealing with the current co-19 outbreak, there is a good opportunity opportunity from bad demand.

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