Coronavirus Disease-2019 (Covid-19) outbreaks are increasingly spreading to various countries, including Indonesia. The central government has appealed to the public to limit activities by implementing Work From Home (WFH). The goal is to prevent as well as break the chain of spreading the virus from Wuhan, China.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, PT Bestprofit Futures (BPF) joined in synergy with the government, one of which helped provide for the needs of the community by distributing 1,000 food packages.

"This is a social agenda as well as our responsibility to help people in need in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic," said Branch Manager of PT Bestprofit Futures (BPF) Bandung, Ida Widaeni when met on the sidelines of his activities yesterday.

Ida said, the food packages distributed in the form of rice, oil, sardines, milk and a number of instant noodles. The recipients of these basic needs include pedicab drivers, orange cleaners, online motorcycle taxi drivers (ojol), garbage transporters, flood victims in Dayeuh Kolot, then scavengers and parking attendants.

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"We set aside a little fortune to share together. Hopefully it can help the community, "continued Ida.

PT. Bestprofit Futures Bandung Cares Against Corona Virus (Covid-19) is the third social agenda. Ida said, in the future it plans to conduct similar social activities.

"God willing, there will be more social activities, such as to orphanages in the Bandung Regency area." he added.

Ida hopes that what has been done by PT Bestprofit Futures (BPF) can help the government and be able to ease the burden on the community in terms of providing basic needs.

"We do not know how long this condition will be. As much as possible we will continue to work together to help the community. Hopefully the Covid-19 pandemic will end soon and activities will return to normal, "he concluded.

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