On April 27, 2019, the 6th BPF Medan office was held on the front page of the BPF Medan office. At this event BPF Medan invited friends from the Bani Adam orphanage to share the happy moments of all BPF Medan employees. And on one occasion Mr. Kodri Kurniawan, as the head of the BPF Medan branch, provided compensation to Bani Adam's friends. At the 6th BPF Medan Anniversary, the Back Ofiice team, as the organizing committee, made exciting competitions followed by all BPF Medan trainees and in this competition each winner received a cash prize. The competitions are Modern Dance, Musical Drama, futsal, and Vocal Group. In this event the organizers also provided food and beverages typical of Medan which are ready to be eaten while enjoying every 6th BPF Medan anniversary celebration.

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