pimpinan cabang bpf malang andri Surya

PT Best Profit Futures (BPF) Malang branch is targeting 360 new customers in 2020.

This is after they closed the end of 2019 by achieving a total growth of 207 customers.

The increase in customer growth was assessed by the BPF Malang Branch Manager, Andri as an improvement in performance which became a blue report card.

He said, that the blue report card in 2019 could not be separated from the excellent market conditions.

"Our total transaction volume reached 11.06 percent to 59,427 lots. While the multilateral transaction volume of 10,548 lots experienced a growth of 0.32 percent," Andri said during a press conference on Friday (2/14).

Andri said that futures investment opportunities are highly dependent on a generally uncertain global situation.

In particular, gold or locogold futures contract products are quite promising and could become excellent towards the end of last year and continue in early 2020.

In addition, contributions from all employees, ranging from a solid marketing team to support from employees in the field of operations drive positive Company performance.

"We always instill a spirit of kinship to anyone who has just joined. After the unification of the spirit, the vision, mission and strategy are easier to carry out, including in facing challenges together," he said.

In addition to internal strength, another thing that helped drive the growth of Malang BPF was service.

The BPF operational office, which has been present for 11 years in the city of Malang, runs a strategy of building personal experience with customers.

In particular, the investments carried out are filled with various risks and benefits.

For this reason, we will always be principled to be a friend of the customer.

"In line with that we have a visit to customer program, 24-hour brokerage services for trading consultations and inviting customers to come to the office directly if you want to discuss or get education about trading," he said.

Source: Surya Malang