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Malang - In order to build a better infrastructure to provide comfort and advanced services, PT Bestprofit Futures Malang branch (“BPF Malang”) has renovated an office building with more complete facilities and is named BPF Tower.

Located in the heart of city of Malang on Jl. Letjen S. Parman, the BPF Tower was inaugurated by the Mayor of Malang, Sutiaji together with the Branch Manager of PT Bestprofit Futures Malang branch ("BPF Malang"), Andri on Tuesday, 18 August 2020. And, still in the process. The atmosphere of the Republic of Indonesia Independence Day on August 17, 2020 in this celebration event BPF Malang took the theme of Knitting Unity in Diversity.

All BPF Malang employees who were present dressed in traditional clothes from various regions and a photo competition was held on Instagram to enliven the BPF Tower celebration event.

In this event, the Mayor of Malang, Sutiaji, Head of the Bappebti Market Development and Development Bureau, Sahudi, and the head of the Malang BPF branch, Andri, together with the management of PT Bestprofit Futures were present.

In his speech, the Mayor of Malang, Sutiaji said that the presence of the BPF Tower is expected to provide positive benefits for all residents of Malang Raya. Especially contributing to improving the people's economy by opening the widest possible job opportunities and developing a good education for future investment in this city.

"We, all levels of the Malang city government, support the presence of BPF Tower and PT Bestprofit Futures to develop a futures trading investment business in Malang. By prioritizing the principles of Good Corporate Governance, namely prioritizing transparency, accountability and service with integrity," he said.

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Meanwhile, Head of Bappebti Market Development and Development Bureau, Sahudi welcomed the existence of BPF Tower in Malang City. PT Bestprofit Futures is a member of a futures brokerage company that is officially registered with Bappebti. 

"With the new office atmosphere now, of course we hope that PT Bestprofit Futures' service to customers can be further improved. And the most important thing is that BPF Tower can be a good educational place for people in Malang who want to know about Commodity Futures Trading.

Branch Manager of BPF Malang, Andri said that the BPF Tower which has an area of 1,900 M2 is equipped with training room facilities equipped with a smartboard and can accommodate about 500 people, then there are lounge and VIP rooms for customers who wish to visit.

"BPF Tower is expected to be able to accommodate the needs of human resources that continue to grow from time to time. Currently our total employees together with marketing reach 300 people. In addition, we also hope that customers can feel more comfortable and comfortable when visiting," he added.

With the inauguration of the BPF Tower, Andri continued, his is optimistic that the vision and mission of BPF Malang to produce 1000 Futures Brokerage Representatives in the next 5 years and get the addition of 500 new customers in 2020 will be realized quickly.